Welcome to Hansel and Gretel

Dear Parents,

Hansel and Gretel would like to take this opportunity to wish all of you happy and prosperous new year 2014.

2013 was a great year for us.

1. We reached a total strength of 87 which is 40 more from last year.

2. Many students from our prep and learner group were selected to reputed schools of Ranchi.

3. Our activity based learning reached new height where we introduced clay modelling, craft design from leaf, tree stems, papers etc.

4. Our children embarked on new path of learning by visiting post office, parks, zoo, science city, fish aqua world.

5. Taking the holistic approach we introduced swimming, dance, yoga, role acting, singing and stage activities among children.

6. To take a step further we imparted cultural knowledge to children by celebrating all the festivals in the school like holi, diwali, christmas, , eid etc.

7.  We put immense value on feedback from parents and indeed we got a lot if that through our improved channels of communication.  We whole heartedly encourage parents to let us know how to improve ourselves.


We promise to work very hard to give even better education to future of our country in 2014 and give them all possible tools to become a successful citizen in future.  And more so make them a good human being. With your blessings we walk into 2014.

Thanks and Warm Regards

Hansel and Gretel Team

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